Fletcher Clothing part 1: The Logo

Fletcher Clothing

Fletcher was originally a project that I developed during college. I always liked the name, but felt that I could have better executed the design, so I thought I would take a chance to give it an up-to-date aesthetic.

I started, much like I do with any project or task, by asking what modifiers I wanted to address. For Fletcher, I decided I wanted it to be young, modern, active and iconic. After setting my descriptors, I chose to make Fletcher Clothing an action sports oriented product line, as this best fit the visual style that they invoked. This will allow for many applications of the logo on hats, sweatshirts, footwear, clothing labels, skateboards, snowboards and other accessories.

Logo VariationsLogo Variations (click to enlarge)

I started by creating the triskelion with the arrows and the enclosing hexagon to work with the triangular motif of an arrowhead. From there, I created the logotype to match the styling of the bend in the arrow elements and the fletching. The next step was to create a variation without the shield and also an icon with the “F” isolated for smaller applications.

Up next, how the logo might be applied.

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