T-Shirt Concepts

In this entry, I’m going to feature a group of t-shirt designs that were created as personal projects.

The first is an entry to a contest the Arizona Diamondbacks held. The winner would have his or her design produced and handed out as a giveaway. The parameters stated that the team colors of cream, red and black must be the only inks used. My concept was using the snake logo that appeared on the team’s uniforms and a baseball bat to form a medical caduceus.

Diamondbacks Contest Entry

I placed in the top ten finalists and we were all given recognition on the Jumbotron at Chase Field before a game.

The next concept was an idea that came up with a group of friends while trying to decide on a pub trivia team name.

BYU Drinking Team

The idea of the angel statue with the funnel rather than the traditional trumpet was developed to resemble a trophy that might be given out at competitions. We produced a small number of these for our group and wore them to following trivia nights.

The final concept is based on something a previous co-worker had thought of while Mark Sanchez was quarterback at USC.

Dirty Sanchez

The ultimate goal was to start small with a limited run of shirts and eventually branch out with bumper stickers and other paraphernalia with the image that would be sold to his fans. Unfortunately, the venture didn’t pass this phase of development. Hopefully we’ll eventually be able to produce some of these for a future football season.

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